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The Daneville Heritage Museum depends on the generous support of individuals, families, and organizations to continue. If enjoy what we have to offer and would like to support the museum, consider making a donation! Send a check to the address below, or fill out the form below to make an online donation. We also offer individual or couples lifetime memberships at a reasonable price. Thank you (Mange Tak!) for your support! 

Donate Online

Support the Daneville Heritage Museum!

Thank you for supporting our museum!

Mailing a Donation

Mail your donation check to: 

P.O. Box #372

Viborg, SD 57070


Individual lifetime membership in the Daneville Heritage Association is $15, and a couples membership is $25. If you would like to become a DHA member, email or send a check to the mailing address on the left. Online membership signup form coming soon! 

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