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Museum Staff


The 5-member current (2021-2022) Daneville Heritage Association and museum Board of Directors include the following:

  • Douglas Mellegard - Chairman

  • Robert Christensen - Vice-Chairman

  • Brenda Jensen - Treasurer

  • Marty Larsen - Director-at-Large

  • Alan Ward - Director-at-Large

  • Roberta Rasmussen - Director Laureate


  • Cheri O'Dell - Office Manager

  • Shirley Simonsen - Custodian

  • Kelly Oberbroekling - Financial advisor/records keeper (Brasky Bookkeeping)

Several volunteer museum members spend valuable time helping with the setting up of displays and other work-related projects.  They include Marilyn Christensen, Brenda Mellegard, and  Grant Peterson, Jr.. Barb Larsen serves as the association's secretary.


  • Melanie Parsons - President

  • Alphie "Toots" Peterson - Vice-President (deceased)

  • John L. Overby - Secretary

  • Lester R. Lauritzen - Treasurer (former Director Emeritus, now deceased)

  • Wayne F. Petersen - Director-at-Large (deceased)

Others who have served on the Board of Directors include the following:  

     Grant R. Peterson, Sr.  (deceased)                  

     Curtis Rasmussen  (deceased)                                            

     Mark Bailey                                                          

     Rosemary Armstrong

     Earl Van Scooter

     Don Easton (deceased)

     Sharon Easton

     Palmer Peterson, Director Laureate (deceased)


Volunteers from the past include: Donna Jean Peterson, Marjorie Peterson, Therese Bailey, and Tom and Jean Peterson.  Other community volunteers have occasionally provided assistance with cleaning and other tasks. Past employees include local historian Richard Skola, former office manager and Ofelia May, Registrar.

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